Fletcher Solutions (FS) is a firm with an exclusive focus on Real Estate and Mortgage. FS, established in 2015, provides solutions for the first time-homebuyer, the investor, the newlyweds looking to secure a mortgage and those in between life stages. What solution can we provide for you?


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Established April 16, 2015, Fletcher Solutions LLC primarily provides life solutions for real estate and mortgage solutions for the local community. As an ever expanding brand, FS seeks to connect the community with solutions that also meet their lifestyle, financial and life-changing event needs - such as divorce, death, graduation, marriage & premature birth. Contact us and let us know what solution we can provide for you.

Fletcher Solutions Gives Back...

#wegetkeys and this time we are amplifying our mission to provide solutions for those hit hardest by life's tribulations through The FS Solutions Fund.

The FS Solutions Fund was created to provide assistance for Key Members and their families who are experiencing a life event or hardship, unexpectedly. We started this fund to be able to provide a direct financial solutions to families impacted by life happenings. Recently, The FS Solution Fund provided a solution for a family struck by the unimaginable tragedy of losing a devoted son, brother, husband and father. Their lives have been forever altered, and although we could never replace what was lost, our fund helped ease the financial burden the loss of a life causes. Fletcher Solutions is dedicated to uplifting the local community, and with our FS Solution Fund we do this beyond the realm of real estate. A man once said, "The things you do for yourself are gone when you are gone, but the things you do for others remain as your legacy." Let part of your legacy live on by donating here:

LINK TO OPEN: 10/01/2020